God is a Lion: Leonine Imagery in Hosea

May 23, 2018Hosea, Old Testament Studies

Introduction The Bible uses a number of images to depict God in the Hebrew Bible. In the Psalms, he is described as a tower (61:3 [MT 4]), a warrior (18:14 [MT 15]), the sun (84:11 [MT 12]), and a judge (7:11 [MT 12]) to name a few. The Prophets use familial imagery to reveal various … Read More

Luther’s Revolt Against Biel and the Via Moderna

May 22, 2018Martin Luther, Matthew Barrett

Martin Luther is the subject of the latest issue of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology. Contributors include Stephen Wellum, Gary Steward, Robert Kolb, R. Scott Clark, Herman Selderhuis, Michael Haykin, Ray Van Neste, Carl Trueman, David VanDrunen, and many others. Executive editor of Credo Magazine, Matthew Barrett, has contributed an article titled, “Can is Bird Fly? … Read More

Ligon Duncan on How Reformed Theology has Wrestled with Sanctification in the Past

May 21, 2018Ligon Duncan, Sanctification, Videos

During Kevin DeYoung‘s pastorate at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, the Magnify Conference was established. In 2015, the speaker was Dr. Ligon Duncan and the theme was sanctification. In this session, Dr. Duncan speaks on how reformed theology has wrestled with sanctification in the past. Ligon Duncan is the Chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological … Read More

Don’t Leave the Master of Divinity Degree Behind

May 18, 2018Seminary

Last week at religionnews.com, an article was published titled, “More seminary students leave the Master of Divinity behind.” The article traced recent trends away from “the gold standard for church leaders—the Master of Divinity” toward the two-year Master of Arts. The author of the article, Yonat Shimron, reported that a “new projection from the Association … Read More

Answering hard questions: 40 Questions about Salvation by Matthew Barrett

May 16, 2018Announcement

Executive editor of Credo Magazine, Matthew Barrett, has a new book out called 40 Questions About Salvation (Kregel Academic). This newest contribution to the 40 Questions series continues the tradition of excellent research presented in clear, user-friendly writing. 40 Questions About Salvation makes sense of one of Christianity’s most disputed doctrines, covering the most common and difficult questions about election, the … Read More

Available today: 40 Questions About Salvation by Matthew Barrett

May 15, 2018Announcement

“Barrett’s newest work on salvation is simply superb. …It is hard to imagine a better primer for students to become acquainted with the doctrine of salvation in scripture.” —Thomas Schreiner, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Executive editor of Credo Magazine, Matthew Barrett, has a new book that releases today: 40 Questions About Salvation (Kregel). This newest contribution to the 40 … Read More

James White and Michael Kruger on the Biblical Canon

May 14, 2018Canon of Scripture, Videos

In this special session at the 2018 G3 Conference, Drs. James White and Michael Kruger converse about the biblical canon. Both White and Kruger have published books on the subject of Scripture. In 2004, Dr. White published Scripture Alone. Dr. Kruger published Canon Revisited in 2012 and The Question of Canon in 2013. In this conversation, White and Kruger discuss the biblical canon … Read More

Work in the New Heavens and New Earth (James M. Hamilton Jr.)

May 8, 2018Heaven

Good Work Cut Short Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous makers of music ever to live. He composed over six hundred pieces of music that are cherished and studied and known the world over to this day. Mozart died in 1791 when he was only thirty-five years old. His early death is … Read More

Supporting Your Lead Pastor

May 7, 2018Church

One of the images used in the New Testament to describe the role of an elder is shepherd. The elder is to “shepherd the flock of God” willingly, eagerly, and faithfully (1 Peter 5:1-4). In response to this leadership, the flock is challenged to “submit yourselves to your elders” (vs. 5). The shepherd leads the … Read More

Book Review: Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World

May 3, 2018Reviews

In recent years, increased attention has been given to the role of covenants in the biblical storyline. Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum (Crossway, 2012) sought to chart a course between dispensational and covenant theologies under the label “Progressive Covenantalism.” This framework seeks to underline God’s … Read More

Grammar and the Divinity of Christ

May 2, 2018Jesus

It is hard to underestimate the importance of grammar. As it has been said before, “There is a big difference between, ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ and ‘Let’s eat Grandma!’” One comma determines whether Grandma is invited to attend a meal or whether Grandma is the targeted entrée at the meal! When it comes to our understanding … Read More

Making the Most of Your Craft Time (Gail Schoonmaker)

April 30, 2018Children's Resources

As a Sunday School teacher, I have three goals: 1) to infect my students with an exuberant and contagious love for God, 2) to teach my students to know and love the Bible, and 3) to make church attendance irresistibly exciting. For my preschool-age students, creating weekly Bible-themed crafts helps with at least the second … Read More

Are You Really Taking the Lord’s Supper?

April 27, 2018Lord's Supper

I joined a “social club” at the Baptist university where I went to college. “Social club” is just private Christian school lingo for fraternity and, like any fraternity, our group had its unique rites and rituals that came as a part of participation in the group. One tradition, taken by some to be the most … Read More

Book Review: How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament

April 26, 2018Reviews

While there are many introductory books on the Old Testament (OT), there are few which walk both beginning and advanced students together through each step of the exegetical process leading into theology and application. Jason DeRouchie does just that in How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology. The book … Read More

Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life: An Interview with Jason Meyer

April 24, 2018Biography, Interviews

The Theologians on the Christian Life series is discounted at Westminster Bookstore through Thursday, April 26. One of the recently released volumes in the series is Lloyd Jones on the Christian Life by Dr. Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church and Associate Professor of Preaching at Bethlehem College & Seminary. In this interview, Dr. … Read More

Theologians on the Christian Life Series: Up to 60% Off

April 23, 2018Biography

The Theologians on the Christian Life series is discounted this week at Westminster Bookstore. Each volume in the series is dedicated to a particular theologian from church history. So far, such theologians include Augustine, Herman Bavinck, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, C.S. Lewis, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Martin Luther, John Newton, John Owen, J.I. Packer, Francis Schaeffer, Charles … Read More

How to Study Theology: Eighteen Specifications

April 19, 2018Theology

Everyone is a theologian. This is not to say that everyone is a good theologian. It only means that whenever someone asserts a truth about a topic dealt with in the Bible, they are stating a theological proposition. I assume most reading this article, however, are seeking to be good theologians. How can we study theology in the … Read More